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Since It’s Sunday

Can’t…get this song…out …of…my…head…

God turned that bitch into salt.  Thats the way he used to work back in those days…

The thing is, the many churches are still trying to use the threat of old fire n’ brimstone punishment as a coercive tool to push their myth based prejudices and bigotry.  There are segments of the religious community that would gladly employ the death penalty for gays, adulterers and basically anyone that disagreed with them.  With the acceptance of the story that Lots wife was turned to salt simply because she looked back at her home then the leap to mindless wrath against those that are different or violate ones interpretation of ancient scriptures is an easy step to make.

I have been studying Islam of late.  I have wanted to get an understanding of its origins and what the Quran is all about.  It is interesting in that they worship the God of Abraham and see Abraham as not Jewish because he came before Moses, the covenant and the Torah.  He simply submitted to God which is of course what Islam means.  Submission.  All of the Old Testament genocide, rape, murder, torture, and brutality is not in the Quran.  The Quran means “Recitations.”  The sura, or verses, are supposedly the direct word of God through the mouth of Mohammed.  Even to translate the revelations from Arabic is considered  wrong because the pure truth of those revelations would be corrupted through translation.

However, it is interesting that all three of the Abrahamic religions have such capacity to embrace killing and torture, and deny compassion and acceptance of those that are different.  In Islam it was taught that the Jews and Christians were not to be forced into conversion when conquered because they worshipped the same God and were “people of the book.”  All others had to covert to Islam or die.  Christian history shows the willingness to interpret their scripture to allow for the most barbaric punishments, invasions, attrocities…all in the name of Jesus.  The Jews are taught that they came by their promised land through genocide, intolerance, rape and pillage…and that it was good.

With the violent, unforgiving, intolerance of these three blights on humanity, it is amazing that we have had any progress at all in regard human rights over the past two thousand years.  Uganda has recently passed legislation calling for the death penalty for gays and prominent ministers here in the U.S. have not condemned that when asked point-blank about the issue.  I have no idea what the basis behind the Ugandan measure is about, whether it is religious based or simply a reactionary movement based on human bigotry.  However, it would seem that the world bodies, especially religious ones, would be united in their condemnation and calling for severe sanctions against the government of Uganda for this draconian step.

Islam means submission.  Judaism accepts the Torah’s version of brutality that gave them their “promised land” and all of the scriptures that called for killing people for simple violations of their most mundane laws even though one of their Ten Commandments say Thou Shalt Not Kill.  Of course modern Judaism has separated itself from that past, but that is the root of their belief system and as a result allows them to inflict the most barbaric treatment against the Palestinians because of it.  And Christians cite their scriptures as reason to lobby against gays having the same rights as other citizens, of atheists from having the same rights as other citizens, of pushing their warped interpretations of those scriptures into our modern laws and lives and perpetuating their ignorance and gullibility.

I will not submit to “revelations.”  I will not submit to ancient decrees in scriptures that were written at a time when man knew only the most basic of things in regards our universe, the human body and its systems, of nature and sciences.  I submit to higher understanding and the search for real truths, not those that come down from dreams and hallucinations or from the days when men thought that their Gods loved the smell of burning flesh. 

I am just a rider on this planet wishing that most of the world would catch up to those of us who have refused to submit to the insanity of religion.


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