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“A Hard Charlging, Family-Values Conservative”

I find it a challenge to present a picture or graphic that is representative of the gist of a given post that I write.  However, finding a suitable image for an hypocritical, douchebag, adultering Republican (Redundant Alert!) is difficult…

So, here in Georgia we have yet another of these self anointed “Family Values” conservatives caught living the lie.

Georgia House Speaker To Resign Amid Scandal

Reporting from Atlanta – Embroiled in a strange and unsavory drama involving a suicide attempt and allegations of an affair with a lobbyist, Georgia’s powerful House Speaker Glenn Richardson, a Republican, said Thursday that he would resign.

The announcement by Richardson — a hard-charging, family-values conservative — came amid Republicans’ mounting calls for his ouster and fears that a lingering sex and ethics scandal could harm the Georgia GOP in next year’s state elections. Richardson will leave office Jan. 1.

And it appears that his affair is more than just a rumor and that he is a very bad sport:

But this week, his ex-wife gave an interview to a local TV station, renewing allegations of the affair and producing e-mails that she said proved it. She also alleged that Richardson recently threatened to beat her and have state law enforcement track her down when she went out of town with a new boyfriend.

Now those are some “family values.”

I’m beginning to think that “family values” does not mean what Republicans thinks it means.

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