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Happy T-Day

I usually write about the true origins of Thanksgiving at this time.  I go into detail about how the real “Thanksgiving” by what we call the Pilgrims (though they did not refer to themselves as that) was the thanks that God delivered unto the indigenous a pestilence that killed so many of them and thereby was a sign of the newcomers blessing by the Lord to live in this “new” land.  And of course all the other nastiness that came with their intrusion on these “savages.”  But this year I won’t go into how our ancestors stole corn reserves stored by the indigenous peoples, or how they had to resort to cannibalism in their first year here because they were too busy stealing instead of planting, or how what we call the Pilgrims actually came upon a pre-built town that was devoid of occupants because they had all died from diseases that came up from the original colonial efforts in Jamestown and from coastal raiders that had been plying their slaving practices along the Eastern Seaboard for the previous 50 years.

No, this year I won’t go into all of that.  I am going to wish everybody a good day to enjoy their families and friends and hope that they feast well.  I will. 

I am going to play Combat Arms for a couple of hours till my family gets up, then have some home-made pastries, fresh ground coffee and help prepare our usual extravagant meal.  I just ask that we take a moment to think about those we took this land from and that our ancestors did not “discover” this land anymore than I discovered Italy the first time I went there.  And give a thought to those without and those in need as well. 

Enjoy your day.

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