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Pre-Op Wednesday


Today I get my pre-op work done for my operation on Friday.   I have no idea what all that entails but I am so ready to get this operation over with as my injury has been severely cramping my lifestyle.  Not to mention the pain…

Where the biceps connects to the glenoid ligament the tissue has been torn away.  They are going to have to repair the torn tissue and then re-attach the head of my biceps someplace else.   Hopefully when it is all over with I won’t bark like a dog when I move my arm or some other post-surgery anomaly.  One can only hope.

I must have my surgery the day after Thanksgiving because my work doesn’t give disability leave and I will have the weekend to recover some.   If you take a day off due to injury or sickness it comes out of your vacation, or PTO (Paid Time Off).  I am looking now in the picture dictionary under “Sucks” and it says “see: PTO as opposed to sick leave.”  I flip to that and it says “see: Sucks.” 

So I will gorge myself tomorrow and force my anesthesiologist to recalculate his figures for my weight on surgery day.  I plan on being several pounds heavier than I am today when I meet him for my pre-op interview.  Also, I hope the bourbon helps enhance the effect of the anesthesia.

I can hardly wait….

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