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In That Case, It’s A Must See!

Anything the Vatican hates I usually like or am for.  Therefore this recommendation against seeing New Moon is just another reason to go with my 14-year-old daughter and see it.  The UK Telegraph reports:

Condemnation of The Twilight Saga: New Moon Makes the Vatican Seem Ridiculous and Out of Touch

Catholics tend to ignore comic news stories about the Vatican, but they are becoming worryingly prevalent – and most of them are entirely the Church’s fault. The latest one reveals that Monsignor Franco Perazzolo of the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Culture has condemned The Twilight Saga: New Moon, part of a teen vampire romantic fantasy series (I kid you not) which was released yesterday.

As Nick Squires reports, Monsignor Perazzolo said the film was an “an explosive mix” of good-looking young actors involved in supernatural activities. He also reckoned that the film’s occult imagery represented a “moral void more dangerous than any deviant message”.

A “moral void?”  And this is said with a straight face from Pedophile Central Headquarters?  My daughter has read all the books in this series and seen the first movie and she still has excellent grades and has only gotten better as a cello player.   I have not seen any “moral void” in her or her friends that follw this series either.

Of course, the good Monsignor was no doubt serious and his message plainly filled with the right intentions. But really, how many teenagers who watch vampire fantasy films really turn towards the dark arts? Is his view that simplistic? The Vatican is actually self-harming when it censors childish fiction in this way. It makes the Church seem out of touch and lacking in any sense of humour, alienating far more young believers than made-up wizards or vampires ever would.

Yeah, and I am still waiting for all the adolescent wizards and witches that Harry Potter was supposed to breed according to the Vatican.  The Catholic Church.  Wrong about Harry Potter, wrong about this flick and wrong on just about everything. 

But don’t go against them or they’ll withhold their magic crackers.



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