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Since It’s Sunday

I continually ponder the way of things.  I have always been fascinated by the fact that we exist.  I have grown to feel immensely fortunate that we live in an age where so many questions have been answered…that we live in an age where we can even ask questions about our existence.  Not so long ago the grip of religion throttled inquiring minds and suffocated the curious with forced illiteracy, heresy trials and even executions.  Occasional brilliance would break through but the Church did its best to suppress any new ideas or facts that threatened the domain of their God.

But we began to break free in increments, and at times in torrents, of knowledge and understanding.  We discovered that disease was not demons and bad spirits afflicting our bodies.  Scientists discovered that the Earth is not the center of the solar systems and that we rotate around the sun in contradiction to the teachings of priests who said it revolved around us.  Scientists discovered that we were not created as is but that we evolved over immense spans of time in response to our environment and changes in our genetic codes.  With the invention of more and more powerful microscopes we began to understand the minute and with the invention of more and more powerful telescopes we began to understand the vastness of space.

Being a simple sort I an always stunned with the knowledge that stars that I see may be long dead and their light only now reaching my eyes.  I am humbled by the thought that the death of these stars is where the matter that formed me and my world comes from.  And we are so fortunate that we live in a Goldilocks Zone of existence, with our planet not too close and not too far from the sun, with our atmosphere having not too much nor too little of essential gasses, and so forth, and more fortunate that we can know and understand that our uniqueness is most certainly not unique throughout the universe and we are not some God’s plaything.  That statistically there must be other life in other galaxies and our Goldilocks Zone shared by many other worlds makes nonsense of any groups claim that they are “God’s Chosen” people.

 The following film is a great synopsis of  events that transpired from the beginning:

It ends with the statement, “And no-0ne knows why.” 

And I can live with that because I don’t feel that question needs to be answered on any but a scientific perspective.   Why did the event that started it all happen, has it happened before, is it a cycle that repeats itself….questions that have no need of a God in the equation.

And we have this immense knowledge and the capacity to answer our questions through the efforts of scientific inquiry, experimentation, and observation.  We also have the sacrifice of those that came before us as early pioneers of first flight and then space travel, those that were willing to sacrifice their security and reputations  to postulate the improbable and were vilified by the jealousy of the religious who have always hated the loss of any of their domain.  The more we understand the less we see the hand of a God and more the natural process of physics and chemistry.  We may have only scratched the surface of understanding with so many questions to answer.  Dark Matter, Black Holes, String Theory and a host of other subjects we are just starting to be aware of, but the answers to these and all the answers we have already gleaned have not come from praying to a God.  That has proven to be a futile action when it comes to understanding life, our world and the universe we inhabit.  The books that purport to be written by inspired men of God have given us gibberish and nonsense, inaccurate astronomy, silence on the pathology of diseases and viruses, and the greatest lie, that being “Creation.”

I am thankful to all who came before me that paved the way to what we know now.  I am thankful to live in a time when we have figured out so much, where we have seen so much and where we have been able to look back so far into time thanks to higher mathematics and space telescopes.  I am thankful that Darwin paved the way and for the leaps in understanding in medicine, genetics, and biology that came from his revolutionary theory of natural selection.  The Church still fights some of the facts and theories presented by the scientific method.   They have been proven wrong again and again and  I am thankful that I live in a time where they have no hold on my mind or those of so many brilliant others.

I think that is what I will be thankful for this Thanksgiving.


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