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OMG! Not The American Justice System!

We are definitely in the High to Severe level of stupid with this one.  For a week I have been listening to the “debate” about the trying of terror suspects in the United States and specifically in NYC.  The…horror!  I am just dumfounded that this has been playing 24/7 in the various media, but then again I was dumfounded that the “Boy in the Balloon” did as well.  They are of equal importance to me which means not very frickin much.

We tried Timothy McVeigh who blew up the Murrah Federal Building in civilian court and we tried the “Blind Sheikh” who tried to blow up the WTC in civilian court (and in New York City where his crimes took place I believe) and McVeigh was executed and the Blind Sheikh is serving life in maximum security lock up. 

We strut and brag about our justice system but when it comes down to trusting it for these terrorist suspects from the September 11 attacks it is suddenly untrustworthy?  OMG what if they are found innocent and let loose in NYC!  They might run to a drug store and buy some stuff to build a bomb and attack Starbucks or something!  OMG!  Run away!  Run Away!!!!!!!

I have long since quit being surprised by the antics of the right but their abject cowardice and fear mongering about these trials is a bit much.  They fear our system will not find them guilty.  They fear al Qaeda will attack New York because the trials are being held there.  They fear the suspects will be let loose to run amok in America.  They fear that if found guilty they will be locked up in one of our supermax prisons where nobody has ever escaped.  They paint this as a “national security” issue and express fear, fear, fear. 

 Cowardly and pathetic GOP.  Grow a pair.

We know you would prefer they rot in Gitmo, and that the torture we used against them never come to the light of day.  You prefer that we operate as we did in the dark days of Dick and George the Lesser, with impunity, extraconstitutionally and extrajudiciously.  But don’t fear the justice system.  Just because it let GW Bush get away with so much for so long does not mean that it will allow these perps to walk. 

Now quit your hyperventilating, panty-wetting nonsense and go find some legislation to obstruct.

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