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Sadly It’s Only A Film…

I wish that someday it becomes a reality.

What the teabagging nitwits have their panties in a wad over in regard President Obama are just trivialities, and frankly made up conspiracies,  compared to the crimes of Bush/Cheney.  It is just wishful thinking that we the people will ever demand accountability for their actions, but I am thankful that there are people like Mr. Bugliosi, the prosecutor of the likes of Charles Manson, for doing their part to point out the crimes of the former administration in their war of aggression in Iraq based on lies and deceit.

I have a bumper sticker that is a take-off of the W 04 sticker.  It has the big “W” and then -“ar Crimes.”   War Crimes.  A fellow at my work asked when I was going to remove the sticker as” that is all in the past.”   I told him that Uruguay just prosecuted their former dictator who left power in 1985 and he received a 25 year sentence for crimes against humanity.  We may never have the will or the guts to do so here, but I will be damned if I will ever forget the criminal prosecution of a needless war, the death and suffering it caused and the failure of our country to demand accountability.  It is a shame that Uruguay maintained the drive for justice and the will of the people demanded, even after 20 years, that justice be served and here in the U.S. after being out of office only 11 months that “all that is in the past.”

Maybe the efforts of Mr. Bugliosi will inspire others to demand that justice be served.  I think it will never happen because we would rather focus on trivialities and “look forward” rather than address one of the biggest crimes any leader of our country ever engaged in.  Somehow a birth certificate is more important to some in our country rather than being lied to, sold a needless war and having to pay for a pathetically run occupation and the continued losses of life, limbs and treasure in the prosecution of that endeavor.

In a perfect world GW Bush would be on trial in the Hague and there would be a Nuremberg-like picture of his co-conspirators for all the world to see that wars of aggression are criminal and the perpetrators will face trial.

But we are far from a perfect world and justice is just for the other guys.

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