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I Challenge Chuck

Chunk Norris is a punk ass bitch.  His “I would have to choke out all of the Democrats” line fails to take into consideration that he might need to say please first.  He needs to remember that unlike the chicken hawk Republicans there are quite a few Democratic military veterans in the House and Senate and they might take his narrow, pompous ass to the wood shed.  The following “interview” with Sean Hannity shows that Chucky is just another right-wing thug that prefers violent rhetoric and hyperbole to legitimate dialogue and the “facts” of which he has the gall to put in the title of his book.

Chuck and I are close to the same age so I think it fair if I say anytime, anywhere you hollywood plastic “tough guy.”  Special effects make his martial arts display not completely embarrass him but without them we could see who would choke out who.  Living in America everyone is entitled to an opinion and he has a right to express his, but my opinion is that it would do his character good to be on the receiving end of, as he so glibly ejaculates, being “choked out.”

Of course, it appears that Chuck has to bring his wife along as a co-signer and I would take no pleasure out of choking her out….well…maybe….no, I won’t go there.

But Chuck Norris, you’re nothing but a punk and I’m calling you out.

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