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Let Loose the Plague!

atheist threat
And lo the Atheists descended on Pharoh…no..wait… Australia?

A Plague of Atheists Has Descended,  And Catholics Are The Target

Attacking Christians is not really clever, witty or funny

Ha!  Then this craven (no really, his name is Greg Craven) fellow is missing a lot of the good ones that do all three well.  But…and it may be just me, Sam Kinison was the best.

FROM time immemorial, this world has been troubled by plagues. From bogong moths in Canberra to frogs in biblical Egypt, unwelcome and unlovely creatures have the awkward habit of turning up in bulk.

Just now, we are facing one of our largest and least appealing infestations. Somewhat in advance of summer’s blowflies, we are beset by atheists. Worse, they are not traditional atheists. These tended to be quiet blokes called Algie with ancillary interests in nudist ceramics, who were perfectly happy as long as you pretended to accept a pamphlet in Flinders Lane.

Yes…tolerate the quiet milk toast variety. 

No, the new hobby atheist is as brash, noisy and confident as a cheap electric kettle. They want everyone to know that they have not found God, and that no one else should. Their particular target seems to be Catholics.

Ah…but don’t worry.  We won’t come after you with Inquisitions, witch trials and the ever enchanting auto de fe.  We will just point out your hypocrisy, power and profits over compassion and humanity and the fact that you run an organized pedophilia ring.

Frankly, the prime reason the average believer finds the common or garden atheist as appealing as a holiday in Birchip is because they consign them to that sorry category of individuals who spend their lives loudly congratulating themselves on their own intelligence without noticing that no one else is joining the chorus. Thus, as a Catholic, I do not normally sense in some tabloid atheist the presence of a supreme discerning intellect. I simply place him or her in much the same pitiable bin of intellectual vulgarians as the chartered accountant who cannot see the art in Picasso, the redneck who cannot admit of indigenous culture, and the pissant who cannot see the difference between Yeats and Bob Ellis.

Well said, sir!   Your pomposity is only matched by your willful ignorance.  Both traits leaving you with nothing but to attack the messengers as you cling to your ever-shrinking Church and all of its arcane superstitions and myths.  But right they do not make you.

The second wearying thing about the new atheism is that it is not new at all. It is so banally derivative of every piece of hate mail ever sent to God that I am amazed Satan has yet to sue for copyright infringement. No old chestnut is too ripe, rotten or sodden, especially when it comes to the Catholics as accredited suppliers of what apparently is the Christian equivalent of methamphetamine.

And the Catholics never tire of the trite and tried, “You’re going to burn in hell.”  Now there is some witty, clever and funny rejoinder.

In an average week of atheistic bigotry in the Melbourne media, we can expect to learn that Catholics endorse child molestation, hate all other religions, would re-introduce the crusades and the auto de fe at the slightest opportunity, despise women, wish to persecute homosexuals, greedily divert public moneys for their own religious purposes, subvert public health care, brainwash children, and are masterminding the spread of the cane toad across northern Australia.

Well, now….I don’t know from cane toads, but…

At the bottom, of course, lies hate. I am not quite clear why our modern crop of atheists hates Christians, as opposed to ignoring or even politely dismissing them, but they very clearly do. There is nothing clever, witty or funny about hate.

No, not hate, my very unclever, unwitty and desperately unfunny fellow.  It is a matter of fatigue and frustration.  It is the fatigue that comes from observing the never-ending posturing and assumptions of certitude that come from organizations such as the Catholic Church.  Assertions that have indeed taken the most barbaric forms.  The fatigue of waiting for mankind to cast off beliefs in patently false myths and move towards an understanding of our lives and cosmos from a perspective of reality rather than one based on wishful pining for an invisible friend that never shows His face yet is full of threats in the books that are supposedly His.  It is from a frustration of seeing the most outlandish assertions treated with credibility and given legitimacy because they are wrapped around religion.  It is the frustration of living in a real and palpable world while charlatans and rubes operate in a make-believe one where not only do they stroke each others egos and cater to each others needs, they also happen to try and legislate their interpretations of their invisible friends and step over an on the lives of so many.

And a point this fellow seems not to understand in his posturing as protector of Catholic sensitivity is that atheists do not have it out for Catholics.  All religions are fair game and equal targets of opportunity to thrust logic, reason and facts into.  The Catholic Church in turns sends out its dogs like Bill Donahue and, I suppose the author of the above piece, and spends untold millions on perception management and propaganda.  Atheists haven’t the networking nor the resources that they do, but it seems that a little logic and reasoning sure get their panties in a wad. 

Now let the plague wash over them.

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