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The Bar Keeps Dropping Lower


I suppose that it is within bounds for Glenn Beck to evoke a relationship between his pathetic sycophants, health care reform and the attacks of September 11, 2001.  To me it is just another example of how low the bar of the  standards of journalism is on his show and how over the top he is with his salacious rhetoric.

Waitin’ in line and takin’ off their shoes.  Ahh, the patriotic patience of it all.

Where were they when the former president was flushing our  country down the toilet?  Now I remember…they were on his side.  And they were there while he allowed the worst attack on our country since Pearl Harbor and gave him a pass on every radical and abusive policy or plan he came up with.  Their shoes were on and the lines were very short indeed in those days.  And Beck?  He was an apologist for the former president the whole time and unfortunately for the standards of journalism in the “Main Stream Media” he found a willing partner and platform on CNN. 

At least now he has moved up to corporate, cut out the middle men of independent thinkers and is going direct to the lunatic fringe of the conservative party…but then I am being redundant yet again.

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