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The World Wants Change On Cuba


And so do I.  Our embargo on Cuba is oppressive and  counter productive.  It does not affect the political power but severely impacts the people.  I have several friends that are Canadian and they go to vacation in Cuba quite often and enjoy themselves immensely.  We, as citizens of the U.S. are not allowed to go to Cuba but we can travel to China, which is a communist country with an oppressive regime.  The world governments are saying enough.

U.N. Condemns Cuba Embargo By U.S.

The United States found itself up against virtually the entire world Wednesday as country after country at the United Nations denounced the nearly 50-year-old trade embargo against Cuba, which the island government says is as strong as ever under President Barack Obama.

It was the 18th time the U.N. General Assembly voted to condemn the embargo, and the first time since Obama took office in January. In a near unanimous vote — 187 to 3 — the only nations to side with the United States were Israel and Palau, a country of 21,000 people in the Pacific.

And I had really hoped that President Obama would have made this issue one of his top priorities.

While the buzz in the U.S. is how Obama is warming relations with the long-hostile nation, Cuba’s government says much of the talk is a media gimmick. “The vote represents the fact that the continued consensus around the world is that the United States policy doesn’t make any sense,” said American University dean William LeoGrande, an expert on Cuba. “The more time passes without the Obama administration doing something significantly different than [former President] George Bush did, the more hollow the promise of change for Cuba policy looks.”

It is time we move on from the stale vendetta we have had with Cuba.  Opening it up to our investors and tourism would help the people and have  a very good chance of improving the political situation.  What we have been doing has not been working and there is no point in continuing.  I hope Obama moves on this situation soon.  It would be another feather in his cap if he did.

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