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It May Have Been Fraudulent But At Least Our Tax Dollars Paid For It

karzai fraud

October was the deadliest month for U.S. troops in Afghanistan since the invasion over seven years ago.  It is quite apparent that the government that we have installed and supported retained power in this last election through massive fraud.  It also appears that our tax dollars have disappeared in the process.  And this is what we are fighting for?

U.N.’s Afghan Election Money Missing

United Nations Loses Track of Tens of Millions Given to Afghan Election Commission, Audit Finds

The United Nations cannot account for tens of millions of dollars provided to the troubled Afghan election commission, according to two confidential U.N. audits and interviews with current and former senior diplomat.

As Afghanistan prepares for a second round of national voting, the documents and interviews paint the fullest picture to date of the finances of the election commission, which has been accused of facilitating election fraud and operating ghost polling places. The new disclosures also deepen the questions about the U.N.’s oversight of money provided by the United States and other nations to ensure a fair election in Afghanistan.



And of course the perponderance of that money was sent by us.

“Everybody kept sending money” to the elections commission, said Peter Galbraith, the former deputy chief of the U.N. mission in Afghanistan. “Nobody put the brakes on. U.S. taxpayers spent hundreds of millions of dollars on a fraudulent election.” Galbraith, a deputy to the senior U.N. official in Afghanistan, was fired last month after protesting fraud in the elections.

Quick!   More troops!

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