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Boehner’s Blah, Blah, Blah…

House Minority Leader John Boner Boehner shows yet again that the GOP is long on talk and short on plans.  Boehner has been insisting that the administration put their health reform legislation online for “at least 72 hours”  so ” the American people get a chance to see what’s in these bills”  because “it seems to me that Democrat leaders want to rush these bills through Congress before anybody has a chance to read them.” 

At a press conference yesterday Boehner was asked if he would put the Republican plan online for 72 hours but Boehner, for some reason doesn’t think that request applies to the GOP:

In other words, the GOP has jack squat, they just want to complain, obstruct and posture and hope that nobody notices how shallow and empty the Republican Party’s idea bank is.

That should not be news to anybody that is paying attention.


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