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She’s Baaaack…

virgin bs
Fresh from her whirlwind tour on a piece of bird crap:

California Man Sees Virgin Mary In Football-Size Rock

Nobody can say why the Virgin of Guadalupe would appear on a hunk of rock formed millions of years before the birth of Jesus.

But David Nunez says the image is unmistakable — a bluish-black stain on the football-sized rock outlines what looks like the Holy Mother.

Nunez’s father found the partially buried boulder while looking for landscaping rocks in an Oakdale, Calif., orchard. Nunez and his father, Jesus — both Catholics from Merced — insist that it’s hard to dispute that the image resembles the famous image of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

When I turn it on its side it looks like a clam spitting a pearl out. 

Everybody thought it looked like a turtle shell, but once he brought it home, we saw a figure on it,” Nunez recalled.

Friends have called it a miracle.

It’s a miracle!

Historically, appearances of the Virgin of Guadalupe are associated with hope and healing, said Max Hallman, a professor of humanities at Merced College.

“With all the economic problems and stress in our area, some may interpret it as a hopeful sign,” he said.

Signs and portents…strange images on ancient rocks…truly it is a sign…

A sign that if this is the best the Virgin Mary (if you don’t count anal) can do, then she  has no desire to intervene and help anyone but loves seeing the yokels still giving her props.

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