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The RNC Are Racist Douchebag Asshats

gop racist

I admit that I am a low brow, self-educated person and had to look up the word “miscegenation.”  It has not been part of my vocabulary before now.  I suppose I should thank the RNC for helping me improve my word power.  However, in educating me they just confirmed my opinion of them as racist asshats that haven’t a clue. 

Media Matters points out just another despicable GOP insult:

After 6 Days, RNC Finally  Removes Photo Calling Mixing Of Races A “Crime Against American Values”

Earlier today, the Republican National Committee finally removed a racist photo of President Obama that had been featured on its Facebook page since October 20th.  The photo in question decried “miscegenation” as “a crime against American values.”

And for those like me who were not familiar with the word, miscegenation is a mixture of races.  And so our President represents a “crime against American values?”

The RNC and the GOP…the only thing missing are the white sheets and pointy hats.  Oh, and don’t forget the straight jackets because they are just frickin crazy.


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