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Since It’s Sunday

Some people really have a hard time with that message being displayed.  They don’t have a problem with the opposite of that message being plastered everywhere or even of people going door to door to proclaim that God is real (their version of Him) and that you need to believe in Him or suffer some incredibly cruel punishment for ever and ever.  Sean Hannity, ill-informed Fox News bully took exception to the New York subway system accepting ads from an atheist group to be put in subway stations:

Can you imagine the outrage if a Christian group put pro-God ads in the New York City subways?  What outrage.

Of course, the New York City subway system has been allowing Christian as well as other “pro-God” ads in their stations for a long time.  There is a blog, Subwaysights.com, that points out:

Christian advertising isn’t as omnipresent as Dr. Zizmor’s rainbows, but the average straphanger has seen plenty of it on the train. There are ads for all kinds of competing churches, each offering their own flavor of Christianity and their own path to salvation. One ad even extols the virtues of giving up your life and becoming a Franciscan monk. Meanwhile on the platform, the Jews for Jesus hand out pamphlets, the Latter Day Saints hand out tracts, and the Scientologists give stress tests. There’s even a semi-permanent proselytization center in the Times Square station (among other places).

Of course, Sean Hannity doesn’t factor this into his argument because he doesn’t ride the subway and has no idea what he’s talking about. Christian subway ads exist and New Yorkers couldn’t care less, just like we don’t care about Dr. Zizmor’s potions or ZONI’s English lessons.

Imagine.  Sean Hannity not knowing what he is talking about.   Now there’s a…revelation.   But people like Hannity and Bill Donahue, wannabe Inquisitor for the Catholic Church, and a host of other religious bigots feel threatened that their make-believe friend is being challenged and it is their duty to rally to His defense.  I have never understood why their invisible friend can’t defend Himself, other than He isn’t real of course.  Bill Donahue is an especially loathsome Christian bully boy.  He is part of the “eliminationist” group that seeks to demonize liberals and progressives.  He has a book,  “Secular Sabotage: How Liberals Are Destroying Religion And Culture In America.”  He is advertised as “The Right Man To Take On The Left.”   Of course, one of his biggest handicaps is that he works for an organized pedophile ring and, in fact, looks exactly what I picture the stereotypical child molester to look like.

It is interesting that individuals that free themselves from the grip of religion, dogma, guilt based on superstition…the whole ball of restrictive wax that comes with faith in myths and “Holy” scriptures, are painted as “Liberals” as if no conservatives have never lost their faith, or never had any to begin with.  But, to Christian bigotry, it is no different from any other bigotry.  It is an intolerance of any difference in belief from theirs.  Bill Donahue and Sean Hannity are both Catholic.  The Catholic Church are clearly bigots as they say there is no salvation outside the Church, meaning the Catholic Church.  So by dogma they are trained to disdain and look down on even other Christians outside their Church.  Of course, Christianity is itself a path to bigotry in regard dealing with people of other faiths or of no faith.  We go back to their vile, holier-than-thou cliche “Christians aren’t perfect, they are just forgiven.”

Europe was torn with war and strife due to the bigotry of Christians with different perspectives of what to believe in regard Christian dogma and how to manifest their faith.  In fact, Ireland suffered incredible violence up till very recently between Catholics and Protestants.  England in the late 16th and 17th centuries did as well.  Of course there was and still is the two thousand-year manifested bigotry of Christians against Jews and then the Johnny-come-lately Muslims.  Crusades were fought because of Christian bigotry.  True also is that the spread of Islam into Europe was a form of bigotry as it was done from a perspective of spreading the faith of the “One True God” to the land so of the infidels.  People that they were intolerant of.

Religious intolerance, bigotry and self-assured righteousness based on ancient myths and superstitions have been and still are sources of incredible violence, aggression and oppression.  Oppression of women because of the absurd Adam and Eve myth is just another form of bigotry.  One of the vilest displays of Christian bigotry is that displayed by the Westboro Baptist Church members and their “God Hates Fags” message and the rest of the despicable pronouncements that they insist on asserting in public.  But due to the fact that I understand that living in a democracy means that sometimes I have to see and hear things I disagree with, I accept their rights to display their vile messages.  And I, in turn,  have a right to loathe and pity them in their ignorance.

So….atheists want to put some innocuous signs in train stations in New York City.  Maybe they will influence some, give comfort to some that they are not alone, and maybe they will insult others.  But that is America.  Love it or leave it.


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