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Big Dick’s Distraction

call bs
I feel compelled to go back to the Dick Cheney comments made the other night where he trotted out his insane reasoning, accusations and rationale in attacking Obama and defending his and his sock puppets juntaadministration.  The twist of logic where he castigated President Obama for not doing what it takes to win the war in Afghanistan when he and the giggling murderer let the situation there get worse each year is truly mind boggling.

Fortunately, Rachel Maddow, who has an incredible crush on me and who, I believe, is stalking me out of blind passion, put together a fairly concise critique of the Dark Lord’s distraction from his complete failures.  And she gets a little help from the military.

If anyone “dithered” it was Bush and Cheney.  If anyone put our troops at risk it was Bush and Cheney.  If anyone “emboldened” our enemies it was Bush and Cheney.  And point in fact, we have now survived over a month longer than Bush and Cheney did in their juntaadministration without an attack on our country.  They “dithered” while our terrorism czar (yes, a czar…and in a Republican administration) warned them about al-Qaeda as well as many other foreign intelligence agencies did.  They did nothing and we suffered the worst attack on American soil ever.

Again, I say Cheney and his daughter who has taken up his mission of trying to frighten Americans and get them to ignore facts and reality, need to be set straight as often as necessary.  And one more thing….Scooter Libby and “Service Before Self?”  WTF?

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