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About That Draconian Oklahoma Abortion Law…


Oklahoma, trying to drive women into back alley butcher shops or South of the Border slaughterhouses passed a draconian abortion bill requiring physicians that performed abortions to post a significant amount of information about their patients on the state’s web site.  It seems that some legal brain has remembered that our type of government is supposed to protect the minority from the tyranny of the majority.  Or something like that.  The Los Angeles Times reports:

Judge Bars Restrictive Oklahoma Abortion Law Requiring Online Posting Of Patient Data

While Californians mull whether a fetus is a person, a state judge has temporarily blocked enforcement of a new Oklahoma law that would require doctors to report detailed information about abortion patients, which would then be posted online.

The law, passed by a solid majority of the Oklahoma Legislature, would require physicians to report such information as age, marital status, race, number of children, education level and the mother’s relationship to the father. It would also require the reason for the abortion, the cost and the type of payment used. Names of patients would not be included in information that would be posted online by the state’s health department, but abortion rights advocates say because Oklahoma is such a small state it would not be difficult to identify some patients. Abortion rights advocates say the law would violate the privacy of patients and is an attempt to dissuade women from seeking abortions.

Republican Oklahoma state Sen. Todd Lamb, who sponsored the legislation, told CNN today that because abortion was “very polarizing,” the law was necessary “to add hard-core evidence to this debate.” The law would also outlaw sex-selective abortions, though Oklahoma abortion foes did not cite any evidence of such behavior in the state.

I think Republican Sen. Todd Lamb should stay out of the business of getting in the way of womens’ choices about their bodies and worry about more relevant issues that affect his backwards ass state.

Dionne Scott of the Center for Reproductive Rights, which is representing two women who are challenging the law, called it “a profound intrusion.” A hearing in the case is scheduled for Dec. 4.

Oklahoma has been at the forefront of states that have passed restrictive abortion measures. Last month, a judge struck down a 2008 law that imposed what abortion rights supporters say was “the most extreme” ultrasound law in the country. It would have required doctors to perform ultrasounds with screens positioned in mothers’ lines of sight and to describe the developing fetus. Rape victims were not exempt from the law, and if a pregnancy were in the early stages, a vaginal ultrasound would have to be performed to secure a clear image. Seventeen states have ultrasound laws, which require that a woman be offered the opportunity to see the image, but do not require she be positioned in front of the screen.

Well, good luck with the hearing and may sanity and reason prevail.  In the meantime my hat is off to the judge that imposed this injunction.  But I do have one question in regard the passing of this bill:

Oklahoma, WTF?

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