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Electrocute Jesus?

shocking jebus


Artist Crucifies Ape and Electrocutes Jesus

There’s a new cross on display at the old Holy Trinity Church at Marylebone in the heart of London, but the figure dangling from it isn’t Jesus; it’s a gorilla. Actually, it’s a wax sculpture; one of 60 pieces in an exhibit called The Age of the Marvelous. And the church isn’t a church either; at least, not any more. Built in 1825, the former Holy Trinity Church is now One Marylebone, a conference center catering to meetings, events and exhibits, large and small.

The very life-like gorilla on a cross was created by artist Paul Fryer with the help of a former Madame Tussaudswaxworks expert. The piece is entitled The Privilege of Dominion and is intended to highlight the plight of the Western Lowland Gorilla as well as to challenge the idea that animals have no souls. The artist insists that he didn’t intend to offend Christians.

Very tasteful, I think.  But of course Christians get offended so easily.
The artist also defended his other work in the exhibit, a Pieta-like sculpture of an electrocuted black Jesus, by saying it was intended to challenge people’s notions of race and religion.
If they had had the chair in Christ’s time, people would be wearing little electric chairs now,” Fryer said.
Now that would be cool.  But probably a bit more uncomfortable to wear around the neck.   Think of the fun you could have, though.  A chair that smokes, a lit up chair for Christmas, a little recording inside that sounds like electricity hissing…

If only…
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