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‘Dithering’ Dick Defines Douchebaggery

Dick Cheney has crawled out of his crypt to remind us yet again of how bad his GW’s administration was and how we are still paying for the incompetence and inadequacies of hisGW’s administration.  Cheney, the Dark Lord of Neoconservatism, had the audacity to bring out the old chestnut of “Emboldening and Encouraging” our enemies because President Obama is actually thinking about the options and mission in Afghanistan rather than just throwing more troops into the quagmire. 

I am glad that the press secretary had the insight to point out that the Afghanistan situation was left to deteriorate for seven years while Cheney and his sock puppet played Freedom’s March in Iraq.

Cheney and his evil spawn, Liz, think that trying to scare Americans  is going to help the GOP or perhaps the legacy of the previous administration.  Liz Cheney has started the Orwellian “Keep America Safe” group for the purpose of….anti-Obama propaganda, I suppose.  If she wants to keep America safe I am sure the military has a uniform that will fit her.  Here Liz does her part to forget the past eight years and frighten Americans at the same time:

If anyone had a frontal lobotomy, has suffered amnesia or was trapped in a cave for the past eight years, Rachel Maddow pointed out a few facts to Liz Cheney and her, we assume, father several months ago:

Dick Cheney and his meal ticket GW took this country to war on false claims, lies, disinformation and extremely dubious motivations.  They completely fumbled the ball in Afghanistan and turned Iraq into a wasteland while setting it back decades by destroying its infrastructure, not to mention killing untold amounts of civilians and causing a massive refugee situation as Iraqis fled the carnage by us and the roving death squads and terror we unleashed.  They took resources from Afghanistan and the situation stayed in uncontrolled chaos mode for nearly seven years while they completely mismanaged the occupation of Iraq.  Virtually every expert on international terrorism say that our invasion of Iraq made us and our allies less safer and increased terrorist recruitment.

But the Darth and Daughter Tour of Fear ™ continues.  I wonder if we really want to “Keep America Safe” we shouldn’t exile this dynamic duo of duplicity to some barren rock in the South Pacific.  In the meantime, as Liz Cheney does her schtick on all the conservative friendly programs, Rachel Maddow points out one more fact to her and gives her an invite that she has apparently refused for some time:

Be not afraid Liz Cheney because we certainly are not afraid of you nor your insane father.  We just wish you would go away and let this new administration clean up your trash.

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