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What Do You Think He Was Fighting For?

Or any of them?

That is the thing about right wing hatred and their efforts to take rights away from people and groups.  They constantly espouse the values of being an American and preach freedom.  Yet if those freedoms are expressed by people they disagree with…that they hate…then all of the sudden those freedoms are irrelevant to them.  Not only are they irrelevant, they are causes for witch hunts and  political mobilization as in Prop 8 in California and battles in other states where same-sex couples are trying to get equal rights that are guaranteed under our Constitution. 

Democracy means hearing and seeing things that you might disagree with.  That is the cost of living in an open and free society.  I live in the South and I can not express adequately how I felt seeing the KKK openly parading with signs preaching hate and intolerance not three miles from my house not so long ago.  But they were operating within the law and I just had to deal with it.  It seems to me that if one has an aversion to gays getting married then one would simply not marry a person of their same sex and that would be the end of it.  But that is not good enough for the right wing hate mongers in this country.

I wish every one opposed to same sex marriage, interracial marriage or whatever,  would see and hear this fellow’s speech and think long and hard about what he is saying.  Don’t preach about the sacrifice of our soldiers on the one had and then denegrate the freedoms that they fought for on the other.  It seems so simple.  But apparently the simple minded just don’t get it.

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