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Mr. Rogers and the Swastika Adorned Samurai Sword…

No…not that Mr. Rogers.  This one:

Cops Answering 9-1-1 Call Are Met By Swordsman, Whom They Subdue

Mr. Rogers he was not.

Armed with a samurai sword adorned with swastikas and a skull, 36-year-old George Rogers attacked an Upper Darby officer who responded to his suicidal 9-1-1 call Sunday, police said.

It was not a beautiful day in Rogers’ neighborhood when he called 9-1-1 about 12:30 a.m. and said he’d just doused the rowhouse apartment he shares with his mother in gasoline, according to police.

Can you say conflagration?  Sure, I know you can.

With Rogers spouting suicidal and homicidal threats, Officer Dan Lanni of the department’s special-reaction team armed himself with a “bat shield,” which is an oversize Kevlar shield shaped like a bat, and pushed past the barricaded door, Chitwood said.

Lanni was immediately attacked by Rogers, who wielded the sword so forcefully that its blade was bent in the assault, Chitwood said.

Ummm.  It sounds like a really cheap blade. 

The shield protected Lanni from the downward blows, but Chitwood said had the sword gotten past the shield, it would have been “sturdy enough to put in your heart and rip it out

Ah…the old “put it in your heart and rip it out” sword technique.  Usually it takes years to master that.

“We dubbed George Rogers the ‘Last Samurai’ because he’s not going to be swinging any more knives or swords trying to kill cops anymore,” Chitwood said.

Never say never.  Somehow the police managed to not shoot this…disturbed man.  However, it does appear that the attacker caused serious damage to the cop’s ability to make a good pun.

Moving on….

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