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Heck Of A Job Bernie…

The first pick to run the brand new Department of Homeland Security by GW Bush, and close friend of Rudy “9/11” Giuliani  gets a new home.  And the taxpayers will be handling the costs.  Gladly I think.

Bernie Kerik Jailed After Judge Revokes Bail In Corruption Trial

An angry federal judge sent former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik to jail Tuesday for sharing secret pretrial information with a “propagandist” who Kerik claimed was really his lawyer.

Kerik will be forced to await his upcoming corruption trial behind bars. Judge Stephen Robinson found probable cause to believe he was in contempt of court and revoked his $500,000 bail.

His lawyers said they did not know if Kerik, who has been New York City’s correction commissioner as well as police commissioner, had ever spent a night behind bars.

I am sure he’ll be just fine.  Unless some of the people that he put there take exception to the way he ran his strong arm PD during the Reign of Rudy.

The judge said he could not find another way to keep Kerik, 54, from trying to contaminate witnesses and the potential jury pool.

“Mr. Kerik, if left to his own devices, will obstruct justice,” the judge said. “My fear is that he has a toxic combination of self-minded focus and arrogance, and I fear that combination leads him to believe that his ends justify his means.”

“Mr. Kerik’s not special,” the judge said at another point. “He thinks he is.”

No wonder GW picked him.  He sounds just like him.   Anyway…it seems Bernie was involved in some witness tampering, ignoring court orders and generally acting like the thug he is.  And now he will sit in jail till his trial and I have a feeling he better get comfortable because it looks like he is going to be returning after it as well.

Heck of a job, Bernie.

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