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The People Want It

So of course the GOP is against it.  But…oddity that it is…my opitimism is rising.  The NYT says:

Public Option Gains Support

Clear Majority Now Backs Plan

A new Washington Post-ABC News poll shows that support for a government-run health-care plan to compete with private insurers has rebounded from its summertime lows and wins clear majority support from the public.

Teabagging tools, you’ve had your shot.  You responded like Pavlovian dogs to the insurance companies buzzers.  You gathered and vented your spleens with anger as commanded.  You bowed down to Beck and fraternized with Fox and you did your best to frighten America with diatribes against death panels.  But….the people have rejected your hyperventilating, factually challenged rhetoric. 

On the issue that has been perhaps the most pronounced flash point in the national debate, 57 percent of all Americans now favor a public insurance option, while 40 percent oppose it. Support has risen since mid-August, when a bare majority, 52 percent, said they favored it. (In a June Post-ABC poll, support was 62 percent.)

So now lets see if they can git r done.

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