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Got Crazy?


OK, President Kennedy said ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.  Nobody called him a communist or equated that with communism to my knowledge.  Now President Obama has asked for Americans to step up and volunteer for various projects and, in fact, for whatever people might be interested in volunteering for.  There has been no punitive threats for those that don’t, there has been no bills pushed for in Congress to make people suffer in any way that do not volunteer, it is just a simple request that people volunteer to help in any way they can.

That, of course, is clear evidence to Glenn Beck that this volunteerism is a path to Communism.  No…really:

And somewhere in America Joe Sixpack is warning his wife about the dire threat of this evil “volunteerism.” 

“Honey, quit volunteerin’ at the hospital.  You’re helpin’ with Obama’s commie agenda!”

Seriously, does anyone with an IQ over that of your average tomato actually watch this guy’s show?

Only in America does insanity pay so well.

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