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Please Sir, I Want Some More



You can’t even define victory and you want some more?  Not only do you want more, but you want…a lot more?

McClatchy reports:

‘Low-Risk’ Afghan Plan Calls For Troops U.S. May Not Have

The U.S. military can send only about 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan in the next three months without putting excessive strains on the Army and Marine Corps, but the top Afghanistan commander has said he needs more than twice that numberto have the best chance of success, military and administration officials told McClatchy.

I have said for a long time that we have been playing at war.  Or posturing at best.  We and our allies put about 150,000 troops on the beach in Normandy on D-Day in 1944.  GW Bush kept up the mantra that he was listening to his “commanders on the ground” in determining whether he needed to put more troops into Afghanistan and Iraq.  We floundered for seven years in Afghanistan with paltry troops numbers when we really needed over a quarter to a half million troops.  Now, that a general has stepped up and made it clear that he needs significant numbers of troops to do the basic job of just not going backwards, it seems too little too late.

The low risk option, which McChrystal has said offers the best chance to contain the Taliban-led insurgency and stabilize Afghanistan, calls for 80,000 additional U.S. troops, while his medium risk option puts the number at 40,000 to 45,000, the officials said.

“This is a fully resourced COIN (counter-insurgency) strategy with the low-risk option,” one official said. The current Army counterinsurgency manual, however, estimates that an all-out COIN campaign in a country with Afghanistan’s population would require about 600,000 troops.

And we are talking just containing the Taliban with an additional 80,000 troops.  America, nor our allies, have the will nor the desire to put over a half million troops into Afghanistan.  Therefore the expected results are so apparent as to make further incremental increases totally unnecessary.  Leave now.  Negotiate with the Taliban, pull out, rewrite the history however it pleases us, build a monument, have a parade…whatever.  Just leave.


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