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Putting The Bible To Use

Nothing says Christianity quite like beating down Jews with a copy of the bible or twisting a fat one with a page from the Old or New Testament.

ACLU: Bibles Used As Weapons At Local Schools

A report issued Thursday by the American Civil Liberties Union of Texas claims that Gideon Bibles which were passed out in schools were used to harass and hurt several students in Plano and Frisco.

The ACLU says its investigation was launched in May after numerous complaints.  The report focuses on ten school districts throughout the state where Bibles were handed out to students by the Gideons International

According to the ACLU, students at Vines High School in Plano were given so many Bibles that they threw them at one another, sold them, tore them up and used the pages to roll a marijuana joint. 

The report alleges that students at Frankford Middle School in Plano harassed a Jewish classmate with the Bibles before tossing them at the boy.

Christ Killer!  His blood shall be on your hands!  And as to rolling one marijuana joint?  There are a lot of pages to the bible. 

And people wonder why we need to keep religion out of schools.  I wonder how the good Christians of Plano, Texas would react if Muslims had harrassed students and thrown Korans at them?  Oh yeah, Muslims consider their sacred texts to be…sacred.

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