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Fundies And Cupcakes And Legislation, Oh My!


So, we have the cupcake crusade, fundamentalist Christians that believe in the death penalty but not the United States Constitution that allows a woman to choose for herself whether she will have a baby and backwards ass states.  The never ending assault on women’s reproductive rights just took a detour down Bizarro Lane in Oklahoma.  I sense numerous challenges to this incredibly insane law.  Salon reports:

The Details Of Your Abortion Online?

Feminists for Choice alerts us to a new Oklahoma law (yes, law, not “proposed legislation” or “some kind of sick joke”) set to go into effect Nov. 1 that would collect detailed data about each abortion performed — and post it all on a public Web site called ShameOnYouWhore.com

Whether or not the law survives a current lawsuit, experts say, anyone tracking antiabortion legal strategy nationwide needs to keep a watchful eye on Oklahoma.

I recommend every one except the fundamentalist conservatives move out of that retarded state and let them establish a theocratic government that so desperately crave.  Oklahoma is an embarrassment to the whole concept of America and what she stands for.  Why would anyone want to live there in the first place?  Is it because it is just slightly less bad than Texas?  The Feminists For Choice Website notes that even though the person getting an abortion is not identified, the first eight questions could easily lead to the identity of a girl or woman in a small town:

1. Date of abortion
2. County in which abortion performed
3. Age of mother
4. Marital status of mother
(married, divorced, separated, widowed, or never married)
5. Race of mother
6. Years of education of mother
(specify highest year completed)
7. State or foreign country of residence of mother
8. Total number of previous pregnancies of the mother
Live Births
Induced Abortions

I find this as incredulous as it is absurd.  This law will most certainly be overturned and in fact it appears there are several reasons that it will be:

Former state Representative Wanda Jo Stapleton, D-Oklahoma City, and Shawnee resident Lora Joyce Davis have decided to fight against these new restrictions in the form of a lawsuit. ” The lawsuit alleges that House Bill 1595 by Sen. Todd Lamb, R-Edmond, and Rep. Dan Sullivan, R-Tulsa, covers more than one subject and thus violates the Oklahoma Constitution” ( Tulsa World News) Ranging in areas from abortions based on gender, to the re-defining of several abortion related terms, to creating an entire new job for the OK Department of Health to deal with, this law, is simply doing too much. The bill is set to go into effect on November 1st of this year. However, Davis and Stapleton hope that their lawsuit can delay this law from going into effect until they are able to present their appeal to the Oklahoma courts. This lawsuit comes after the most recent Oklahoma overturn of a 2008 law that would have required women to submit to an ultrasound and description by their doctor of the baby before scheduling an abortion.

But unfortunately these fundamentalist conservatives are going to force the state to pay a significant amount of much needed tax payer dollars to battle this law which will surely be proven to be unconstitutional.  Money that could better be spent on providing for needy children that have been born and for services for young unwed mothers. 

I hope this law is defeated soon but I have no hope that that will deter the crusade of the people that cannot stand for women to have a right to say what happens to their body.

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