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Since It’s Sunday

atheist threat

Warning!  Atheist Threat Alert!  Tony Blair, war criminal accomplice of GW Bush, is raising the alarm of one of the most insidious threats to the western world.  Blair, co-conspirator of GW Bush to wage a war of aggression in Iraq, gave a speech at Georgetown University in D.C.  It is advertised:

A Common Word is the largest Muslim interfaith initiative towards Christians to date, has provided Muslims and Christians with a framework to address religious, historical, social and practical issues between two world communities.

And guess who is a threat to those two worlds?

If we reflect sensibly on the state of our respective faiths in the world today, we see we face common challenges. We are people of faith. We see how faith shapes our lives and the lives of others. We watch, in sadness, as it is abused to do wrong. We passionately want it used to do good. We believe in the power of faith to change lives for the better.
We face the challenge of relevance – showing how faith can be a force for the future, for progress, that it will not fade as science, technology and material prosperity alters the way we live. We face an aggressive secular attack from without. We face the threat of extremism from within.

Yes, the aggressive secular attack from without just manifested itself with suicide bombers of logic and reason.  Several false teachings were hijacked by individuals armed with facts and science and flew them into buildings of ancient myths and superstition.  The wave of IEDs (Intelligently Educated Deductions) have been causing huge casualties in theocratic efforts to install religion in the classroom at the expense of real science, biblical texts in public buildings, parents who allow their children to die because of their aggressive non-secular belief that Invisible Sky Dude will save them and so forth.

The command structure of the aggressive secular forces from without is diverse and operating in individual cells of commonality.  They are forming in local groups and appear to have no formalized central command.  The rantings and demands of these forces can be easily observed in the numerous subversive web sites that are gaining popularity with the masses.  Demands such as respect for their non-belief in myths, reality based solutions to problems and issues, science based on empirical evidence, observation, facts and data instead of bronze age texts written when man had no knowledge of bacteria, viruses, disease pathology, astronomical structure and so forth. 

Some insurgents of the aggressive secular forces from without are even demanding that the Catholic Church not only quit abusing children sexually but that they actually quit protecting the priests that do!  The world is still recovering from the brutal attacks last year when secular insurgents attacked Christmas itself by saying the heretical Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas.  The casualties have still no been properly accounted for.

The danger of aggressive secular forces from without is increasing as candidates for political office with no faith in myths are becoming more common.  Recently one was outed in Albuquerque, New Mexico and the population duly warned.  As Tony Blair, accomplice to GW Bush for fabricating evidence and misleading the public against Iraq, says:

These challenges are not for Muslims alone or Christians or Jews, Hindus or Buddhists for that matter. They are challenges for all people of faith.

Those who scorn God and those who do violence in God’s name, both represent views of religion. But both offer no hope for faith in the twenty first century.

And we know what type of hope that people of faith have offered the world over the past two millenia.   The hope brought by Inquisitions, witch trials, internecine wars between faiths, theocratic governments, why they can hardly be praised enough.  Fortunately they knew how to deal with those that scorned God not too long ago.  Those were the good old days when aggressive secular forces from without were dealt with swiftly and the smell of burning heretics filled the air.

So…you have been warned.  Vigilance people.  Vigilance.  The chances are that you are related to, work with, or engage in some activities with members of the aggressive secular forces from without.  Trust no one.  And have faith.


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