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Hell No!


The Republicans are like the sign at the beach above.  Just frickin NO to everything.  Now go have fun elsewhere.  The Washington Post reports:

Health-Care Bill May Not Get Single GOP Vote In The House

The House is inching closer to voting on a comprehensive health-care bill, even as the chamber appears so divided that the measure may not attract a single Republican supporter.

The final vote, likely in late October, is impossible to predict, but lawmakers and aides from both parties said this week that there is a strong chance the GOP will be unanimous in its opposition. Such a result would mark the second time — the first came on the economic stimulus package in February — that the entire House minority rejected one of President Obama’s top domestic initiatives.

So….how’s that “bipartisanship” working out?   As the saying goes, Lead, Follow or Get The Hell Out of the Way.  It appears the GOP has added a fourth.  Obstrtuct.

Well, let’s see where the political will lies.  Is a majority worth anything or will we see the Dems cave?  Or as Tom Tomorrow postulates:

dems like pugs

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