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The Shroud of Turin Is Real!


A real fake that is.

Scientist Reproduce ‘Fake’  Shroud of Turin To Prove Cloth Is Man-Made

The Shroud of Turin – revered as the cloth that covered Jesus in the tomb – is a man-made relic, according to scientists who reproduced a copy of the famous fabric.

Italian chemist Luigi Garlaschelli said his experiment proves that earlier carbon dating of the shroud to the 14th century was correct.

He used materials and techniques that were available in the Middle Ages to explain how a negative image of a crucified man could be imprinted centuries before the invention of photography.

The default argument is that Jesus is a myth.  That is why all artifacts and relics that are proclaimed as “proof” of his existence will always be shown to be fake, forged or incorrectly dated or associated with Jesus.  From the famous ossuary of James “the brother of Jesus” to this Shroud of Turin.

Professor Garlaschelli said his team used the same type of woven linen as the shroud and first artificially aged by heating it in an oven and washing it with water.

The cloth was then placed on a student, who wore a mask to reproduce the face, and rubbed with red ochre, a well known pigment at the time.

The entire process took a week, said Professor Garlaschelli of the University of Pavia.

His replica even includes the spots which, on the original, were said to show blood seeping out of Christ’s nailed hands and feet.

The scientists were commissioned by a group of sceptics and atheists called the Italian Committee for Checking Claims on the Paranormal.

Sceptics and atheists.  They demand proof and do not accept reality by fiat based on a book of dubious origin and authorship.  As would any rational person regarding any other outrageous claim based on anything besides the world of invisible friends and cloud beings.  But the Catholic Church loves them some artifacts that keep the rubes amazed.

The Catholic Church makes no claims about the relic’s authenticity, but says it is a powerful symbol of Christ’s suffering.

Crist’s suffering.  How did he suffer exactly?  He was a God and had magical powers.  How do we know that had he really existed he wasnt’ faking?  After all, what sort of “sacrifice” did he make if he was God, went back to be with himself, and lives forever and ever amen?  I know, don’t try to apply logic to Sky Dude.  His ways are mysterious and only Republicans can understand them.

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