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Happy Anniversary Afghanistan!

afghan war 1

Eight years and counting!  What a great pair we make.  Afghanistan, corrupt and incapable of standing up to the fundamentalist Muslim Taliban and America over there fighting for them, killing many and letting God choose the innocent.  It is a match made in…hell.  But we can’t divorce ourselves from this destructive and fruitless marriage because to do so would give that old tactic terror a victory.  The tactic of terror would win if we left and life would not be good for the now blissful Afghanis. 

So…we will continue to bleed and to spend money developing Afghanistan while our own country suffers infrastructure problems, social ills and financial crises.  In the end we can’t pull out from Afghanistan because, well because you can’t spend eight years pissing in the wind and come home with nothing but bad memories.  It’s not like Afghanistan is Vietnam.  Stay the course, victory is around the corner, surge on and tally ho!  I am sure we will have many more anniversaries to celebrate this union of waste and sorrow.  If nothing more lets stay together for the kids.

afghan kids

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