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Since It’s Sunday


The Lord!  He saved me!  Jesus was watching over me.  Without the Lord I wouldn’t be here.  These are commonly regurgitated inanities from people who have recovered from illness or survived some trauma.  Like in the Indonesian tsunami ( the one a few years ago) where a person prayed for the strength to hold on to some debris and survived.  He  said that the Lord had saved him so that he could help others.  Of course, the Lord killed hundreds of thousands of other people and caused massive devastation that displaced millions, but the Lord saved that one person.  There are other stories of God’s intervention to save tsunami victims like this woman who prayed that her friends son and wife would survive.

“All I had those 15 hours was my faith in God and His Word,” Kathy says. “I prayed that His will would be done, but I also prayed that His will would be for them to live. I hoped their time wasn’t up. I just completely relied on Him.”

Yep, just completely relied on the God that allowed this tsunami to kill over 100,000 people. 

At 11:15 that night there was a ring and Kathy and her husband David lunged for separate phones. It was Nick—he and Kelly were miraculously spared!

Of course, this God they prayed to killed so many it is difficult to wrap ones mind around the figures.  It was like 1,000 9/11s.  But through prayer God saved this couple.  Isn’t He great?

A Christian rap star called Righteous B (gack) went to the hospital because he had multiple strokes.

On Wednesday, September 16, Righteous B went to the hospital with what the family thought was a severe migraine. Doctors later confirmed that he had experienced multiple strokes affecting the right side of his brain. They also discovered the blood clot responsible for the damage, which had moved and was no longer in danger of causing another stroke. Throughout the whole ordeal, Righteous B has been in good spirits, saying “Jesus saved his life.”

Of course, modern medicine had nothing to do with this.  The doctors were just dead weight compared to the power of the Lard.  It was Jesus.  The one who let his rappin’ devotee have these strokes int he first place.  Haha!  It was all just a test.  If Jebus allowed modern medicine to cure this person, why didn’t he help doctors thousands of years ago?   For that matter, why does the Bible of these believers talk about cloven hoofed animals but say nothing about bacteria, viruses and diseases?  Oh yeah, because they were a bunch of primitives that thought their Invisible Friend loved the smell of burning flesh and that evil spirits or demons caused medical problems.

This God that intervenes in medical situations thought it would be funny if his followers burnt free thinkers to death that challenged the superstitions of his Holy Texts until about the 17th century and even then He did little to help their understanding.  If this God that watches over and protects certain special people can save them, why doesn’t he save everyone?  Why does he allow natural disasters to occur in the first place?  God’s will?  Why worship this pernicious whimsical asshole at all?  I have quoted Epicurus before but this quote attributed to him is still as relevant today as it was over 200 years before the creation of the Christ myth:

Is God willing to prevent evil but not able?
Then he is not omipotent.
Is God able but not willing?
Then he is malevolent.
Is he both willing and able? 
Then whence comes evil?
Is he neither able nor willing?
Then why call him God?

Oh, and about those “miracles” that some Christians claim were by the will of their God?  Well, He might be named Allah after all:

“Miracle”  Mosques Defy Tsunami Onslaught

BANDA ACEH, Indonesia : In Indonesia’s tsunami wastelands on the northern tip of Sumatra island, little remains of whole towns lost to the colossal forces that came thundering in from the ocean.

But across these battered shores, dozens of mosques still stand, their minarets glinting defiantly in the sun – a phenomenon survivors in the deeply Islamic region credit as much to divine intervention as robust architecture.

“God’s invisible hands prevents the mosque’s destruction,” said Mukhlis Khaeran, who saw the sea sweep away his home village of Baet outside the north Sumatran city of Banda Aceh, but leave the neighbourhood mosque relatively intact.

He may have let tens of thousands die but he kept his houses safe.  What a miracle!  Allah is just as big of a prankster as Yahweh and Jebus.  These Gods work in mysterious ways indeed.  They all deserve to be loathed not worshipped.



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