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Now There’s A Surprise…


When you wage wars of aggression and choice, when you ignore international law, civil and human rights while preaching about the value of them, when you are about the only country that refuse to sign the treaty banning landmines, when you run secret prisons, torture and kill prisoners that have no access to any legal recourse, when you bully and threaten and take and grab resources, when you manipulate governments and back puppet thugs that do your bidding against the will of a people…well, this should come as no surprise.

Political Scientists Report Drop In U.S. Standing

Group of political scientists say US prestige declined dramatically in past decade

The United States’ standing in the world declined in the past decade to below Cold War levels, according to a leading group of political scientists.

Favorable attitudes have risen sharply under President Barack Obama with his commitment to “restore American standing,” but confidence in him appears to be in conflict with unfavorable attitudes about U.S. foreign policy, the American Political Science Association said in a report released Thursday.

“Many American leaders and citizens worry that this decline, despite a recent upturn, may be part of a long-term trend, one that will be hard to reverse,” the report said.

Eight years of GW Bush, a cancer that ate at the world, it is hard to just wave a wand and make all the bad and negative effects of his blundering through his two terms go away.

At the United Nations, support for U.S. positions has declined since the 1960s, and the decline was especially pronounced during the George W. Bush administration, the academics said. After some initial success, such as toppling the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, the United States grew mired in Iraq and Osama bin Laden remained at large. The success of the troop surge in Iraq may have helped improve attitudes toward the United States, the report said.

Yes, after the arsonists burned down the building they came and added some water to the smoldering remains.  That makes for good PR…

Helping raise U.S. esteem now are Obama’s rhetorical skills and “what his election signifies about the openness of America,” the report said.

“In policy terms, however, most (foreigners) believe that there has been little change in the U.S. disregard for the interests of their country, and that U.S. influence in the world is still mostly bad,” the report said.

You can’t fool all of the people all of the time.  If we acted like we preached we would be gold in the world.  Too many coups, too many needless military interventions, too many double standards….Does it even matter?  Are we big enough to just go on being the world’s bully and they can just deal with it as our citizens sit in front of their electronic medication boxes and think their country is the shining knight of the world bringing goodness and light wherever it goes?

For only so long.

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