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Change The Locks


Glen Beck was given the key to his home town.  It seems the overwhelming message of the citizens was, “Change the Locks!”

W. Washington Greets Beck With Huzzahs, Hisses

MOUNT VERNON, Wash. – As hundreds of protesters and counter-protesters shouted and waved signs, conservative TV personality Glenn Beck arrived in Mount Vernon for a controversial visit that has been anticipated for weeks.

One protester was arrested Saturday evening as the crowd surged outside McIntyre Hall, where Beck received a key to the city from Mayor Bud Norris at a sold-out, private event.

It was private to prevent the citizens of Mt. Vernon from showing America how they really felt about this hate-mongering maggot.  Here is a glimpse of outside this event:

beck protest

And the Mayor of this, I am sure quaint little town, gave him the key to the town unilaterally as it was opposed by the City Council almost unanimously.

Beck spoke for about an hour, remembering his childhood in Mount Vernon, which he described as well-connected to the values of Norman Rockwell’s small-town America. He cried as he reminisced about going to the local theater with his mother.

That would mean something, maybe, if crying wasn’t just part of his schtick.



Protesters started gathering outside the building more than two hours before Beck’s 7:30 p.m. appearance. By the time he spoke inside the building, some 800 people were gathered outside – some from as far away as Oregon.

It was the largest protest in living memory in the town of Mount Vernon, population 31,000, an agricultural center for the Skagit Valley.

Like I said, I am sure the town is a good one and the reaction of the citizens proves it.

Meanwhile, an airplane circled overhead with a banner saying, “Change the Locks,” and cars and trucks circled up and down the nearby streets.

Protest planners say they are angry about Beck’s stance on immigration, 9-11 victims – and for calling Obama a racist. They say Beck should not be given a key to the city.

And I am sure they were too polite to note that he was also a pathetic douchnozzle.

But Beck supporters say the mayor can do what he wants, since Beck grew up in Mount Vernon and deserves the honor.

The city is definitely divided – the City Council passed a resolution saying, “Mount Vernon City Council is in no way sponsoring the mayor’s event on Sept. 26, 2009, and is not connected to the Glenn Beck event in any manner.”

In addition, the local chapter of the NAACP filed a protest with Mayor Norris, saying, “(His) ideology is inflammatory and insulting to many of your own constituents.”

Well, I just hope that this town finds a new mayor.  And my hat is off to the good people of Mt. Vernon, Washington for giving Beck the greeting he deserves.  Beck deserves to be in a padded cell with the key firmly guarded rather than being given the key to any city, symbolically or not.

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