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He Wasn’t Funny Then…

And he isn’t smart now.

Kirk Cameron, formerly of the inane TV show, Growing Pains, is now a right wing Christian handjob on a mission from God to show us how wrong Darwin was.  Grab a barf bag and watch:

OK…of course I could point out so many fallacies in this Christard’s presentation and give a point by point rebuttal to every wrong and misrepresentative statement this failed actor makes.  However, the Hot Romanian Atheist Chick, who longs for me with unbridled passion, does it for me and looks a whole lot better doing it.

Christians and their magic and myths.  So much easier to believe that their invisible friend twitched his nose and made everything in the universe in six days than some reasoned, rational and highly reviewed scientific explanation.   And I am so glad my secret admirer pointed out that Christians continually convolute evolution of life for the cosmological beginnings of the universe.   I guess it is easy to do when their answer for both is that God did it.

One grows tired of waiting for these simple minded fools to come up with something original or correct.

Interesting that it took Darwin to bring a major leap in understanding of biology which led to so many developments such as vaccines, and understanding of diseases, genetics and so forth.  2000 years of praying just brought us leeches, soaking the bones of a saint in wine for various cures, evil spirits and….more praying.

Kirk Cameron.  Bad television actor.  Christian idiot.

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