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Wolf Blitzer Wins New Title!


Yes, besides having the title of Douchnozzle Media Toad, Wolf Blitzer has shown us that he truly deserves his new title of  Blithering Idiot.  Minus $3000?  No wonder you ask such stupid questions and have such a complete inability to follow up with anything relevant with your guests.  And you have a prime time news show?  How low has the bar been set for journalism in this country?  Why, Wolf low.

Wolf Blitzer Lost On Jeopardy

What the hell…you can read the piece or just watch the train wreck (but there is clip on the above link showing Blitzer’s epic fail in the pre-game warm up as well).

They had to give him $1000 just so he could play in final Jeopardy!  And look at the score!  Here are two commentaries on Wolf”s performance.  The first from Air America.  The observation that Wolf is jsut a news actor is spot on:

This analysis gives us something to consider in regard why he did so bad:

And on one other note…. I hate when my friends pose in front of me and ruin pictures of me having a good time….

Wolf Blitzer.  Douchenozzle Idiot and the best CNN can offer America.

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