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You Lie…Again.

racist-joe-wilson-alreadyJoe Wilson.  Pride of the Confederacy.  He voted to keep the Confederate flag flying in South Carolina and is a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.  A good ol’ boy who thinks blacks are OK and everybody should own one.  He also seems to lie more than my old dog on his favorite rug.  Talking Points Memo finds that Good Ol’ Joe shouldnt be casting stones when he lives in a glass house.

Did Joe Wilson Lie About Being An Immigration Lawyer?

Rep. Joe (“You Lie!”) Wilson’s now-legendary exclamation during President Obama’s speech to Congress last week was itself essentially untrue, as we’ve documented.

But in trying to deflect charges of xenophobia in the wake of the outburst, it looks like the South Carolina congressman again played fast and loose with the facts.

At a Thursday press conference, Wilson was at pains to present himself as a friend of immigrants, declaring:

We need to be discussing issues specifically to help the American people. And that would not include illegal aliens, these are people– I’m for immigration, legal immigration, I’ve been an immigration attorney. But people who have come to our country and violated laws, we should not be providing full health care services.

You can read the piece and don’t be surprised, but there is no evidence that Joe ever worked as an immigration attorney.    TPM sums it up:

Of course, it’s certainly possible that Wilson took a few immigration cases early in his career, and the people we spoke to weren’t aware of them. But even if that’s the case, immigration law is a sophisticated, specialized field. Calling oneself an immigration attorney implies a body of technical knowledge and experience that Wilson, it appears, doesn’t possess. So it would be misleading in the extreme for Wilson to claim to have “been an immigration attorney,” as he did. Almost, dare we say it, a lie.

Imagine that.

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