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They….Sniff…Mocked My Faith!

prejean post jeans

How dare they mock the faith of a good silicone breasted lingerie model beauty pageant bimbo Christian?

Salon clues us in about the GOP Wankfest.

The Right Dreams of Taking Back Their Country

Carrie Prejean wants you to know it hasn’t been easy for her. None of this has been easy for her.

“There was something wrong with turning on the TV and seeing people mock me for my faith,” the beauty queen-turned-conservative martyr told the Values Voter Summit, a right-wing confab organized by the Family Research Council’s political action committee, FRC Action. “Seeing people make fun of me for being a Christian, trying to discredit me, trying to embarrass me — it didn’t make sense to me.”

You see, I would have thought that she did a good job of embarrassing herself.

Most of the rest of her 18-minute speech played to conservative resentment of the way it’s so hard to be a Christian in America today. She was “disgusted” at how intolerant people can be, though that disgust doesn’t appear to extend to her political comrades-in-arms who want to deny gays and lesbians the rights straight people take for granted. “I feel as though I’m Miss Universe,” she said. “I am so proud of the stance that I took. I’m so proud of the answer that I gave, and God chose me for that moment. He chose me for that moment because he knew that I would not only be the one to stick up for him and for the truth, but also he knew that I am strong enough to get through all of the junk that I have been through.”

But not so tough that Prejean didn’t tear up briefly toward the end of her talk. “Even though,” she began, pausing to grapple with her emotions. “Even though I didn’t win the crown that night, I know that the Lord has so much of a bigger crown in heaven for me.”

She brought the house down.

Ha! He just wants to see her tits up close.  Though I am sure he will be wondering why she was not satisfied with the way he created her.  The piece goes on to note that the gathering of conservatards was fairly laid back, that no one was sporting firearms and that Michele Bachmann did not go full tilt crazy.  Acorn seemed to be the evil liberal device of the day to take over the world, “Czars” are for Russia but GW’s were OK because they weren’t Fascist/Socialist/Muslim Czars.   Jesus was thanked profusely by all speakers and Hope & Change were on these Republican ranters minds:

Pence also pledged that the right would rise again: “We will take this Congress back in 2010, and we will take this country back in 2012!” It was sweet music to the ears of the values voters. The right, it seems, can dream of hope and change, too.

Dream on.

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