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Since It’s Sunday


Christians all want to go to heaven.  They just never want to go today.  It seems that abortion sends the unborn to their creator while cutting out all those opportunities to become sinners and that whole useless earth-bound life That Christians seem to disregard and despise all together.  Never mind that abortion has been a choice of women for birth control and for unwanted pregnancy for thousands and thousands of years in virtually all cultures, the Christian right has made it a religious  issue around which they attain power and an outlet for some of their bizarre acts of inherent  “compassion” such as killing, terrorizing, intimidating, harassing and other good Christian acts.

Sometimes the motivations have nothing to do with Jebus, but are just outlets for the manifestation of sick minds.  Recently an anti-abortion protester was shot and killed.  His killer stated, amongst some of his other reasons, that he did not feel that school children should be forced to see pictures of aborted fetuses on their way to school.   One of the men killed, 63-year-old abortion protester James L. Pouillon, had a son that shared his thoughts on his father.  They are very telling and makes me wonder about the motivations of many men who are in the anti-abortion movement.

James M. Pouillon Criticizes Father, Slain Pro-Life Activist James L. Pouillon, In Online Post

….The whole nation is debating if Pouillon was a martyr. Here is what the younger Pouillon had to say in an mlive.com post on mlive.com on Sept. 13:

“It will be impossible for some to believe, but my dad really didn’t care about abortion.

He did this to stalk, harass, terrorize, scream at, threaten, frighten, and verbally abuse women. He had a pathologic hatred of women: his mom, my mom, everyone.

After my mom finally left him and he lost his favorite punching bag the violence and abuse that was always contained within our 4 walls was unleashed on the people of Owosso.

My dad used the pro-life movement and 1st Amendments foundations to defend him, support him, and enable him. He fooled them all.

He was at the high school because my niece was there, and female family members were always his favorite targets.

Again, my dad didn’t care about abortion. He wanted to hurt people, upset people. He enjoyed making people suffer.

His goal was to be shot on a sidewalk. His goal was to make someone so angry, to make them feel so terrorized, to make them feel the only way they could make him stop was to kill him.

His pro-life stance was the most perfect crime I personally know of. He hid behind the 1st Amendment and was allowed to stalk, terrorist, harass, be obscene, ect. These things are crimes. Offending people isn’t a crime, and having different political views isn’t a crime, but he committed several crimes over the last 20 years and got away with it.

Yes I really am his oldest son. Owosso is now rid of a mad man.”

I have always contended that if men had babies there would be no question that abortion would be legal.  There is no doubt that these people who carry these signs with pictures of aborted fetuses, drive vans with huge signs with those same pictures and stage assorted bloody demonstrations in regard abortion are trying to inflame people.  I am only surprised that the shoe took so long to be on the other foot and one of these “pro-lifers” be on the receiving end of violence.  Of course, it is not definite that the shooter in this case had the sole motivation of stopping this man from displaying his beloved shock placard, but it would not be a surprise if it was a contributing factor for real.

I would say that a big difference between “pro-life” activists that kill, set bombs, terrorize and commit other acts of violence and the reaction by pro-choice advocates in this case is that nobody on the pro-choice side is rushing to defend the shooter.  Nobody is saying the fellow deserved to die and that the shooter was carrying out God’s will.  That type of crazy talk is reserved for the Christians.

I always wonder when seeing a “pro-life” demonstration what the motivation of the men in these groups are.  They don’t have a dog in this fight and they are the apparently more violent and reactionary to what should be a choice of any woman in regard her own body than the women in their movement.  Most religions are misogynistic and especially the triumvirate of Abrahamic cults.  Is this movement just an outlet for anti-woman feelings?  Is it just a way for men to have an outlet for some deep resentment to women in general?    Instead of a placard with pictures of aborted fetuses the victim could have had information on adoption as an option or  birth control or something.  He, like others, chose to parade around with extremely inflammatory and graphic displays which obviously has done nothing to affect the decision of women to have control over their own bodies.

There are a lot of deranged people out there.    It looks like one canceled out another in this sad event.

The Lord works in mysterious ways.


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