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Legitimizing A Lunatic


Time Magazine did a cover page and story on Glenn Beck.  I read the piece and it was one of the worst pieces of journalism I have encountered in a while.  And I have encountered a lot of bad journalism.  The piece was particularly bad because of its sins of omission more than its sins of commission. Also the way the piece obfuscates and in facts gives credence to the lies that Beck spews on a daily basis makes it culpable in those lies and in giving some sort of credence to Beck as an honest broker of information.  The piece can be read by clicking on this link:

Mad Man: Is Glenn Beck Bad For America?

And after reading the piece one, it appears, is supposed to come away with the prognosis that he is not bad for America.  Having been watching and listening to Beck for over a decade as a matter of keeping abreast of what the more deranged and acerbic of right wing commentators are stirring up their listeners and viewers with, I was amazed when CNN gave Beck a slot on their network.  Glenn Beck has been a proponent of some of the most mean spirited racist commentary and hyperbolic anti “liberal” rhetoric of his genre.  CNN, though on the downslide of being a reputable news source, lost much of its legitimization as a news organization when it legitimized Beck as something other than a right wing talking points machine on steroids and glossed over and ignored his history of lies, propaganda and hate filled on air rants. 

Media Matters for Americadoes an excellent job of pointing out the dangerous and irresponsible type of journalism that TIME engaged in with this cover profile.  In fact, TIME has done this same sort of irresponsible and disingenuous reporting before on their cover piece of Ann Coulter, another vitriolic, racist, uber nationalist right wing talking points machine.  They glossed over and ignored her more violently extreme screeds such as calling for the death of certain liberals, wishing the 9/11 attackers had targeted the New York Times and so forth.  The Media Matters piece can be read here:

How Time Magazine Enables Glenn Beck’s Lies

I feel as if I am living in Bizarro World where a clown like Glenn Beck can not only have a cover story done by TIME, but that he is taken seriously as a source of information by anyone, much less the amount of individuals that listen to his words and treat them as Gospel with a chorus of “Me Too!” like a flock of mindless sheep responding to their shepherds staff.

The piece on Beck by TIME show why so many distrust the media.  The veneer of respectability they coat him with and laissez-faire glossing over of his blatant racism, history of lies and violent rhetoric and demonization of whole segments of our population are examples of why that distrust is warranted and why this type of journalism is not benign.

The emperor has no clothes.  Saying he is half dressed is still a lie.  TIME magazine has taken a huge step downwards in journalistic standards.  I suppose that they are just going with the gravity that they fell into when they treated such a despicable character as Ann Coulter as just another “infotainer.”   TIME magazine is just another enabler of the hateful, disrespectful discourse in this country and why logic and reason come in second place to ignorance and volume.  Congratulations, TIME.  You suck.

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