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Do You Have A Pre-Existing Condition?


You know, like being a victim of domestic violence?

When Getting Beaten By Your Husband Is A Pre-Existing Condition

With the White House zeroing in on the insurance-industry practice of discriminating against clients based on pre-existing conditions, administration allies are calling attention to how broadly insurers interpret the term to maximize profits.

It turns out that in eight states, plus the District of Columbia, getting beaten up by your spouse is a pre-existing condition.

Under the cold logic of the insurance industry, it makes perfect sense: If you are in a marriage with someone who has beaten you in the past, you’re more likely to get beaten again than the average person and are therefore more expensive to insure.

In human terms, it’s a second punishment for a victim of domestic violence.

Well, it seems that being a victim of domestic abuse is just one of the many “pre-existing conditions” that insurance companies use to deny coverage or to charge significantly more  for.  Consumer Watchdog notes that it looks like just being alive is a “pre-existing condition.”

Pre-Existing Health “Conditions”–Cops, Firefighters, Expectant Dads, And Those Suffering From Allergies, Acne and Toenail Fungus Are Uninsurable According To Internal Documents

In the wake of news reports that a history of domestic violence is considered a “pre-existing condition” by many health insurers, today Consumer Watchdog released internal insurance company documents showing that firefighters, police officers, war correspondents, expectant fathers, pregnant women and patients with asthma, acne, allergies, and toenail fungus will often be denied health insurance policies.

The internal insurance company documents – known as “underwriting” guidelines – reveal that insurers deny applicants based on occupation, age, weight, use of a wide range of common prescription drugs, minor health conditions or mere “symptoms” that have not been reported to a physician.  In some cases, instead of denying coverage outright insurance companies will sell policies to these applicants but only at exorbitant costs.

And we don’t want the government getting between the insurance companies and their ability to label anything about you a “pre-existing condition” now do we?  Consumer Watchdog posts this:


This information was from Blue Shield of California and Pacificare. 

And the Teabaggers answer to that?  Let the free market take care of it?  Let freedom ring?  No socialism/marxism/fascism?  Do they really believe that allowing the private insurance companies to be the only game in town and to establish their own competitive structure is going to solve the many issues of health care?  If so, then why haven’t they done so already?  Are these angry hordes not aware that their premiums have gone up nearly 50% in the past eight years and if so do they like it?  Do none of them suffer from some “pre-existing condition” that prevents them from attaining affordable health care insurance?

Inquiring minds. They want to know.

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