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Aikido Seminar And Ibuprofen


Aikido seminars and ibuprofen.  A match made in heaven. 

The dojo that I practice at had a seminar this Saturday.  We had Chris Crandell (4th dan) from Raleigh Aikikai and Larry Ozenberger (3rd dan) from Aikido of New Orleans  as the guest instructors.  Our head sensei Blue Spruell  (4th dan) from our Peachtree Aikikai also taught a class.  We had five hours of training and it was an interesting mix with the three different instructors.  We did not have a huge turnout but we had students from several other dojos come and it was a good mix of people.  Here we are before the pain:


I am one of the few with a good looking hair cut…

We had a nice in house light buffet and beer and Chris Crandall got a  bottle of twelve year old single malt scotch as a gift  that I made sure was safe to drink.  I made several tests in the interest of safety only.  I did not go out for the dinner later that night instead going home to consume anti-inflammatories and hug my ice pack (s).  One of the things I really enjoy about aikido is the family like environment of the practitioners.  Aikido practitioners don’t take themselves to seriously and the range of people that practice is really interesting.  We had lawyers, doctors, corporate VPs, army officers, college students, media, counselors, consultants, engineers and more at this seminar.  All of us humbled by this art.

I managed to pull a hamstring at the end of the day Saturday and tried to work it out with a 5 mile power walk this morning.   I think that I should have stayed in practiced meditation instead.  I was hurting at 3 miles but at about 4 it started raining pretty hard and it was quite refreshing.  The rest of my soreness from the seminar has gone away but the enjoyment of it remains.

I can’t wait for the next one…

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