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Logic? Nah. They’re Christians

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This is an interesting piece.  The view that God “blesses” America, but also at the same time that America does more harm than good in the world.  I might add to Commander Kirk above, what does God need with a country?

Poll:  U.S. Blessed, But Troublesome In The World

Six in 10 Americans think the U.S. is “uniquely blessed” by God, but a higher percentage — almost eight in 10 — think the country sometimes does more harm than good when it relates to the rest of the world, according to a new study on religion and America’s role in the world.

Overall, the study commissioned by the PBS program Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly and the United Nations Foundation found that Americans, including majorities of religiously involved citizens, think the country should be involved on the world scene.

But researchers found that 79 percent of Americans feel that U.S. involvement abroad sometimes does more harm than good, and 44 percent feel that view strongly.

“I think it’s a fascinating look at our combination of idealism and realism,” said Bob Abernethy, host of the weekly television show. “We think our blessings from God require us to be active around the world but we also acknowledge that we sometimes do more harm than good.”

Maybe he is still so tired from the Creation that he not only needs a proxy to do his will, but he trusts our management skills too?  .  Perhaps his will is that corporate billionaires amass great fortunes by exploiting humans and nature while engaging in overt or covert war around the globe on a 24/7 basis?  Clearly God must think our management of the infirm, unemployed, mentally ill, displaced and so forth is a blessing.  We must be blessed by God’s desire to fix some of his defects like clean air and water and unpolluted soil.   It must have been a miner kink in the Creation thingy.  But being God he knew that all the events of history would lead to the US of A being blesseid by him by turning his mistake into a polluted wasteland of nuclear waste, toxic waters and air, destruction of whole mountain tops to access their coal so we can watch our electronic devices built from minerals ripped from the ground with all the poisons used in the processes killing the environment that we all share.

I think that God still had a bit of the Old Testament to get out of his system.  That is why he blessed us by allowing our forefathers to commit genocide and build their empires on the human misery of slavery.  God always had a thing for slavery.  Letting us unseat the hereditary owners of this land and killing them, raping them and isolating the few survivors let him relive some of the glory days of the Jews and the Canaanites.

I think God, too hates democracy.  He has blessed us with the abilities to subvert it around the globe.  Whenever someone that God doesn’t like is democratically elected he always has his blessed servants to go and fix those pesky earthbound problems.  From the Philippines to Palestine and all points in between.  His blessing of electronic voting machines are aiding us in our fight against democraty also.  God has many tools at his disposal and many ways to spread his blessings.  And when our founding fathers put forth silly notions of freedom and civil rights contrary to what God wanted he blessed us by having each succeeding generation take more of them away from us than the one before.

God, hates information and truth.  That is why he blessed us and took away the media from the people and put it in the hands of huge multinational corporations to use it against us.  He has blessed us by whitling down the number of corporations that own 90% of the media to five.  He is blessing us also with divisive battles twixt us all over abortion, evolution, stem cells, euthenasia and other issues.  It is a blessing from God to have us fight amongst ourselves and to kill and hurt each other on scales not seen in any other industrialized nation.  He loves prisoners and has blessed us by letting us be the largest prison nation in the world.  And as he is recharging his Smite mode he has blessed us by letting us do his smiting till he is back in the swing.

Yes, blessed is as blessed does.  God has blessed us and we are making the most of it.  I feel so…much like having a beer.  I think I will.

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It Sounds Cruel

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…When said like this:

And here is McCain getting ready to lay a big evil Penguin kiss on the prize he left his sick wife for:

All I can say is if my wife gets sick it’s good bye sicko, hello rich beer heiress.  Although, I hear there are a few drawbacks to that.

Nah, on second thoughts I believe staying with the sick wife and helping her would be a bit more rewarding.

John McCain, bad pilot, bad husband, bad for America.

Four…more…days.  Let’s send him back to Arizona to live with the ice queen in the desert with his last dream of sitting at the top seat broken because of his bad decision to become just another divisive GOP thug.  Maverick thy name is James Garner.  It sure ain’t McCain.

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About This Comment

October 30, 2008 Leave a comment

I wrote a post about Joe T. Plumber the other day titled “Your 15 Minutes Are Up.”  In it I mentioned the Christian Right and some of the terrorists that are associated with it like Eric Rudolph, the guy doing five consecutive life sentences for bombing various targets in the South.  He was responsible for the bomb at the Olympic Centenial Park where one person was killed, 111 injured and one journalist died of a heart attack during the chaos that followed.  He also bombed a nightclub less than an eighth of a mile from my dojo where I train in aikido and iaido.  He also bombed an abortion clinic in a town nearby and set secondary charges to kill first responders.  The news video that was taken during the secondary charge explosion is frightening as it shows the force of the concussion on people not even near the blast.

In Alabama he set a bomb off at an abortion clinic and it killed a security guard and injured a nurse very badly.  He was supported by the Army of God.  They are a right wing Christian terrorist support group that were they Muslim they would be in Gitmo practicing holding one position for hours on end and getting regular water boarding treatments.

I would normally just respond to a comment in the continuing thread of the comments category of a given subject line.  However, I received a comment from someone that I thought I would share, in all of its ignorance, perversion and twisted view point that represents one of my biggest peeves.  Religious Fundamentalism.  Here is the comment that was sent in response my comments about Eric Rudolph:

You seem to imply there is something wrong if a babykilling abortion mill is burned or bomb. Which do you prefer, a pile of bricks or a pile of dead babies? Innocent unborn babies deserve to be protected just as born children deserve to be protected. You would have no problem protecting born children if they were about to be murdered.
SAY THIS PRAYER: Dear Jesus, I am a sinner and am headed to eternal hell because of my sins. I believe you died on the cross to take away my sins and to take me to heaven. Jesus, I ask you now to come into my heart and take away my sins and give me eternal life.

Rev Donald Spitz said this on October 29, 2008 at 9:28 am

I recommend you click on Rev. Donald Spitz name and see the type of hate and perverted perception of the Christian texts his ilk have.  Especially where they honor murderers and terrorists.  In the name of Jesus.  And a “Pro-Life” platform.  And here is my response to the Rev. Donald Spitz:


Your disingenuous and twisted version of the actions of people that are honored on the Army of God website is indicative of the true malignant nature of your type of faith.  You talk about my implying there is something wrong when an abortion clinic is burned or bomb (though I think you meant “bombed”).  A byproduct of those bombings has been the killing of people that were doing jobs and trying to support themselves and their families. So buildings were not just “bombed.” Real people died as a result of some of those bombings.

We are not a theocratic nation.  We are a republic with representative democracy.  As such we are a nation of laws.  Laws written and passed by men and women.  We do not rule by theocratic fiat.  So I would suggest if you want to live in a theocratic nation perhaps you should consider Saudi Arabia, Iran or a host of others.  You may not enjoy that though as you would be an infidel to them and subject to their interpretation of their God’s will which would probably mean bad things for you.

Since we are not a theocratic nation we are compelled to obey the law and solve our difference within the parameters of the law.  That rules out bombing, arson and assassination.  Your rhetoric about piles of dead babies and protecting unborn babies rings hollow.  Abortion has been an option for unwanted pregnancies for millennia.  Bombing and killing will not stop it.  Twisting words from the Bible to justify violence and destruction to save lives brings to mind the saying “fighting for peace is like fucking for chastity.”  Killing to save lives removes any moral highground you might have.  If you put as much effort into helping poor and underprivileged living children perhaps you would be better serving your invisible friend, Jesus.

Which brings me to your next comment about reciting a prayer.  I do not pray.  I do.  Praying is mumbing to your mind and believing that you are doing something constructive.  Praying to mythical God Men is as pointless as praying to Santa for Christmas goodies.  Your religion is myth based and as real as the religions of ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Romans, Hindu, and so forth.  Praying to Mithra or Horus or Athena would do just as little as praying to your mythical God.

I will challenge you however.  If you can present to me contemporary writings of the mythical Jusus of Nazerith then I will contribute $1000 to your group.  If you can find anyone that lived at the time of Jesus and wrote something about him then I will put the check in the mail as soon as it is verified.  Josephus is disqualified and the two interpolations in his works accepted even by Christian apologists and biblical scholars as forgeries put in long after his death.

Democracy means that we have to hear and see things we do not agree with.  It means we have to endure things we do not agree with.  It means that, like it or not, when the people have spoken that we have to abide by the laws their representatives have enacted.  You and the group you promote are not serving any greater good and are not to be praised nor tolerated.  You spread hate and violence in the name of a myth whose message was supposed to be of love, forgiveness, compassion and understanding.  You, sir, and your group are just thugs.  You serve only yourself and your self inflicted delusions are a cancer on the face of the earth.  Your brand of faith no better than the Taliban, your interpretation of your bible no more valid than a shaman’s interpretation of bones tossed on the ground.

I would say have a nice day but I rather think I should say, have the kind of day you deserve.


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Obama’s Infomercial

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I was aprehensive about Obama’s 30 minute comercial that he put out last night.  I was thinking that he was leading and maybe better to just stay low key and let McCain and Palin keep putting their feet in their mouths and shooting themselves in the foot-after they took it out of their mouths I suppose.  I thought that perhaps there was no reason to create an opening that McCain’s campaign could take advantage of.

I can say that my aprehension was converted to appreciation after viewing his presentation.  I was actually impressed and felt that his people put together a stellar piece and he came off in a very positive way.  I was very taken in with the stories of the various people that he highlighted and admire him for the way they were protrayed.  The thing that stood out the most is there was never a moment where anyone ever called McCain or Palin anything negative or where accusations or inuendo were leveled against them.  In fact, they were not even a part of his message.  His message was about people struggling to make it with all of the challenges facing us all right now.  It was a powerful message.

I have not looked at the polls yet today but I would not be surprised to see an even bigger lead blossom from the response to Obama’s infomercial.  The difference between McCain and Obama was very stark and should reach any who watched the piece.  Calm and reasoned, focused on the people and what their problems are, positive and otpimistic was how Obama caim off to me.  A far cry from the chaotic and reactionary stances, accusatory and petty charges based on fear mongering and just same-o GOP election tactics is how I have percieved McCain the past few weeks.

Five days till Election Day and Obama drove a lot of nails in the GOP’s coffin yesterday. I will be happy to throw my handful of dirt on it come next Tuesday.  Won’t you join me?

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Your 15 Minutes Are Up

October 29, 2008 1 comment

It seems that Samuel Wurtzelbacher, you know him as Joe the Plumber, has been either scripted by McCain or their use of fear to motivate voters is a conveniently shared proclivity.  Raw Story points out:

Fox Host Berates ‘Joe the Plumber’ After McCain Surrogate Says Obama Vote Means ‘Death To Israel’

The all-out effort from John McCain’s presidential campaign to scare voters into backing the Republican candidate continued apace on Tuesday as McCain surrogate Joe the Plumber agreed that a Barack Obama presidency would mean the “death of Israel” and end democracy in America

And Fox…yes Fox, jumped all over this with…I…can’t…say…it……………Oh, all right!  Fox jumped all over this with the proper response.

The push-back against Wurzelbacher’s comments began, somewhat unexpectedly, at Fox News.

The network noted that the McCain campaign seemed hesitant to distance itself from Wurzelbacher. Correspondent Carl Cameron said that the McCain campaign was going to put out an ad today criticizing Obama policies on Israel.

“Just a coincidence?” he asked. “We report you decide.”

Later Tuesday afternoon, Shepard Smith pressed Wurzelbacher on his comments, reminding the woefully misinformed McCain backer that Obama has consistently voiced support for Israel. Pressed several times to explain how he could agree with the conclusion that Obama would lead to the death of the Jewish state, Wurzelbacher was unable to come up with any good reasons aside from Obama’s position in favor of negotiating with rogue regimes such as Iran.

As Buzz Flash said,  Joe, you’ve had your 15 minutes of fame.  Now go crawl back in the hole you call your life.  Oh, and one more thing.  Can you please pay your back taxes?  I never thought I would say it, but here is Shepard Smith’s great response to the above:

“I just want to make this 100 percent perfectly clear, Barack Obama has said repeatedly and demonstrated repeatedly that Israel will always be a friend of the United States, no matter what happens once he becomes President of the United States, his words,” Smith said after the interview ended. “The rest of it, man, it just gets frightening sometimes.”

Frightening.  Yeah.  And McCain and Palin’s brushing off and using old Hitler speeches is making it more so.  One thing to remember.  The Christian right operates from a different perspective than the normal human mind.  They can be care free and unconcerned about killing abortion providers, blowing up clinics and gay bars,  sending letter bombs to federal judges, blowing up federal buildings, setting and exploding bombs at the Olympics right here in the U.S., and so forth.  We just had two mentally challenged skin heads have their whacked out “assassination” plan “thwarted.”  They may not be of the Christian right faction, but the thing is…there are many people waiting for some sort of “green light” to pursue violence and vent their inadequacies through destruction.  The wholly ambiguous Wholly Babble allows some of those people to find not only justification but encouragement in its texts..

The unconscionable use of hate, division, coded race attacks, questioning of patriotism, insinuations that a presidential candidate of the US of A is a closet terrorist and a Muslim, too, is dangerous.  Having one of your minions, or many of them, out giving soundbites of ignorance-either deliberately or not-that say that a vote for Obama is death to Israel and democracy in the United States is very…dangerous.  To not immediately and forcefully repudiate comments like that from the peanut gallery only reinforces those comments by implied consent.

The Christian right needs Israel to fulfill the “prophecies” of Revelations so the Jews can all die and be Christians slaves in the after life, or some such nonsense.  Threatening the destruction of Israel, in a way that does not fit their beliefs of the proper method of that destruction, could send some of the rabid Eric Rudolph types to seek to do “God’s” work.  And we know that their God is a vengeful God.

We also know that the southern racist mentality is backed by a healthy dose of good Christianity as well.  To provoke those elements with incendiary comments and daily harangues against Obama could yield a bitter harvest.  I work with people that are of the somewhat sane side of the Republican Party and many of them are incensed at the idea of a black person being president.  I do not like to think of how the farther right, more propaganda affected end of the GOP “base” might consider responding to this “threat” that Obama poses.

It is a sign of a complete lack of class and integrity that McCain and Palin have not refuted the verbal ejaculations of Joe the Plumber.  It is another reason why they need to be washed away in a landslide in…six more days.

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Same tricks…different election

October 28, 2008 Leave a comment

This is one of the standard tactics of the GOP.  Of course there would be layers of plausible deniabiltiy if the perpetrators were discovered, but in answer to the question, qui bono?  we must say only the Republicans.

Phony Flier Says Virginians Vote On Different Days

A phony State Board of Elections flier advising Republicans to vote on Nov. 4 and Democrats on Nov. 5 is being circulated in several Hampton Roads localities, according to state elections officials.

In fact, Election Day, for voters of all political stripes, remains Nov. 4.

The somewhat official-looking flier – it features the state board logo and the state seal – is dated Oct. 24 and indicates that “an emergency session of the General Assembly has adopted the follwing (sic) emergency regulations to ease the load on local electorial (sic) precincts and ensure a fair electorial process.”

The four-paragraph flier concludes with: “We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause but felt this was the only way to ensure fairness to the complete electorial process.”

The GOP never changes.  They talk “Family Values” and act like Brown Shirts.  They talk “Patriotism” yet they hate democratic institutions.  They talk “National Security” and their actions put us all at risk.  From the trivial to the important issues the Republican Party is a two faced, three card Monty huckster that finds no muck to vile to wallow in.  From putting out fliers advising of different voting dates for Democrats and Republicans to putting out massive propaganda to sell us a needless war, the essence of who they are shines through.  The GOP never changes.  That is why we need change.

Seven Days and a wake up, baby.

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So Little Time Left

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So much death, destruction and destabilization to perform.  The U.S. made a cross border raid from Iraq into Syria.  In the waning days of the Bush junta administration GW is taking parting shots on his way out.  It is reported that fighters have come into Iraq from Syria for the entire duration of the conflict in Iraq.  To make a strike in Syria now seems counterproductive and puts the incoming adminstration up against another conflict and escalation of retribution and violence.  We have the U.S. telling us they went after evil doers and the Syrians say they were construction workers.  At this point who knows?

The thing is….foreign fighters may be coming in through Syria.  They are certainly coming in from Saudi Arabia.  And Pakistan and Afghanistan.  Crossing those porous borders and entering Iraq.  We know of another group of foreign fighters that are coming into Iraq also.  They first came with air raids of Shock & Awe ™ and continue to wreak havoc there.  They come in on C130s into Baghdad.  They leave from here.  We are foreign fighters in Iraq.  We have been performing acts of terror in Iraq for over five years.  In the words of one of my friends from the Marine Corps, “if you don’t want no shit, don’t start no shit.”  Not quite poetry but apt none the less.

Hopefully this administration will not cause too much more damage as their term comes to an end.  I’ve a feeling GW has a bit more vindictiveness and spite up his sleeve though.  January cannot come fast enough.

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